SCRATCH Programming // Websites

SCRATCH Programming // Websites



Main page from MIT


Getting Started with Scratch

From MIT

  1. Download
  2. Install and launch Scratch
  3. First Project (Getting started guide – See Resources , it is a PDF Files)
  4. Sign up for an account on the Website.
  5. Share projects
  6. Check your projects
  7. Download others projects and see their code


Google CS4HS – Computer Science for High School

(Information about CS4HS from Google)



Lot of resources:

Books for Teaching Computer Programming

How to teach children programming

Teach kids Alice, Greenfoot, Python, Jave and Reblox. Programming.


Scratch Programming;

Angry Birds, Pong-Style game, Race Car, Etch-a-Sketch.

Lego We-Do and Scratch with videos showing what the kits can do.



Online community where Scratch educators can:

Share stories, exchange resources, ask questions find people.


Nebo Elementary School, Department of Fine Arts

37 projects with codes and step by step instructions


Project ViSA Modules – Visualization and SimulationAcademy  Home Scratch page


Scratch Tutorial

Scratch 2.0 Update


Scratch How-to

Connect a PicoBoard on Linux

Run Scratch from Flash Drives

Animated Dragon in Scratch

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