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        Innkeeper: “Howdy, partner. Welcome to the Dusty Bowl Café. What do they call you?” Cowboy (Wally Bear voice): “They call me Hungry Slim. I’ve been riding all day; I’ll be riding all night. I need some healthy snacks to keep me in the saddle.” Innkeeper: “You’re in luck. Today’s special is an old shoe with ketchup … Read More

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        I Feel Many Different Ways Mee says, “Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m silly, and sometimes I’m mad.” Verse 1 I feel many different ways Did-da-le-I, Did-da-le-I oh And feeling happy is okay Did-da-le-I, Did-da-le-I oh With an oh wow here And an oh wow there Here an oh, there a wow Everywhere an … Read More