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These are for beginner level English learners, especially for 2nd graders at schools. We are improving the content day by day. All of the materials for 2nd graders will be presented here.

If you start learning English at a younger age like 5 or 7 you will be successful for your later learnings. As language phylosophier Noam Chomsky says “Language learning is innate” If our language learning adventure is innate, we have to start learning earlier. That will give us more success at our learning adventure

If we start at a lower age that will make our learning experince easier. However, young learners have to love learning language. They are learning a foreign language at a foreign culture at most of the circumstances. Because of that, these adventure may not be so easy. Because of that, we are the key factor for their learning. We have to love our learners. They will love us. And they will love learning English